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Morocco is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world. Close to Europe, 14 km south from Spain. It has been recognized for the variety of its magnificent landscapes and the hospitality of its inhabitants. A country of fantastic architecture and labyrinthine walled cities (Fez, Meknes, and Marrakesh); traditional market with brilliant tribal art and beautiful work; hikers among the almond blossom and waterfalls of the snowcapped High Atlas.
Wherever you go, life is accompanied by music. In the south, the African rhythms-brought to Morocco from West of Africa centuries ago-heard in the souks, or the classical Andalusian music of Fez, Meknes and Teteuan in the north, an imitation of Moorish Spain. The peaceful and isolated Berber villages hanging in the mountains seems untouched by time (except for the satellite dishes).In modern cities like Tangier,Marrackesh, and Essaouira,the medieval intricacies of the medinas go hand in hand with fashionable roof-top bars and the chic renovated riads (Traditional Moroccan house with a courtyard).
Arranged at the northwestern corner of the African continent, Morocco faces Europe over the tight strait of Gibraltar .It stretches for approximately 2 000 km from the Medetiranien drift at Tangier to the sand of the Sahara. The country is dominated by the High and Middle Atlas Mountains, a chain/sequence of parallel ranges that run south-west from the Algerian outskirt to the Atlantic coast, isolating the waterfront plain from whatever remains of Africa.
Our guides, lovers of hiking and travel will make you live the riches and the beauty of our country, discover the authentic Moroccan culture with its amazing colors and cuisine and will take care of you from your arrival to your departure.
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